HakoneGinza Marion in the 80’s     1658 Carroll Street    Arthur as Japanese      Tokyo    Five Elements, Arthur and the Girls    Ezra on Tower One, Ten Elements    Arthur Simms, Ten Elements     One  Shibuya Nishi-Ku    Shoe Polisher    Twelve Elements     Jennifer Ross and Jack McPhee in 1989    Elena and Javier    Face Two, Eight Elements    LucyarthMarion in 1988    Todaiji-Temple, Arthur in Japan    Sunday Business, Lucy and Suzy, Nine Elements    Face, Arthur Simms in Japan, Eight Elements    Arthur in Osaka    Nara Buddha, Eight Elements    TransitionBuddha, Pleasure, Six Elements    Arthur Simms, Bread, Buddha, Ten Elements    Twins, Eleven Elements       On the Seine in 1989    KobayashiIcema and Mell, Twelve Elements    Table 36    Icema and Mell, One Halo    KanazawaJennifer Ross    Arthur and Lucy    Standing Still    Temple, Fourteen Elements    John, Chuck and Gloria, Fifteen Elements    Arthur Simms, Fourteen Elements    Good Fortune   Arthur, Esther and Icema, Living in Japan      Arthur Simms, Vagal Maneuvers, Fifteen Elements    AblationAldana’s Cart, Icema in the U.S.   Icema in Lakeland    Ten, ten, Icema as a Bird    Ten, ten, Icema as a Bird    Lesson Plan, Icema’s World    Icema, Mell and Lucy    A Portrait of Icema Simms    Icema, Make a Joyful Noise and be Just    Icema’s World     Fattie Fattie, I need a Fat Girl Tonight   WagonistTimeline, Black History #6   Chester and Jesse in 1936, Five Halos   A Day in Prague    Snoop In Prague, One Halo     Icema’s Wedding    TremeGarden Cat    2275 Bayou Road    GaneshSaturday Night In The Barn    In Proper Time   1985 to 2010   Maine List    Rare And Endangered At The Bates, Two Halos    Arthur Simms In Skowhegan, Four Halos   Skowhegan By The Water   The Italians, Black History #5     Black Caravaggio, The Veld on Cardboard     Frederick Douglas, Caravaggio, Black History #3   Black Caravaggio, The Veld Two Times   Black Caravaggio, 2 Halos    Black Gladiator, Nine circles   Twelve Triangles, Black Caravaggio     Black Caravaggio, The Veld, Anna 66, One Halo   Black Caravaggio, Dublin 2008 #2   Black Caravaggio, Dublin 2008 #IIIBlack Caravaggio, Dublin 2008Book Of Kells, Saint MatthewTrinity College, Book Of Kells, Book Of DarrowBook Of Kells, Saint LukeBook of Kells, Saint Mark   Saint Michal, Three HalosBlack Pieta, Two HalosCostume Sardo e Michelangelo    Colored Henry   The Old Time People    Sammy Dead   Bank Of Jamaica, Ten Dollars    Stone Ridge
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