Contrapposto   Lotus  AWESOME PALMER!   Police Line, Brother Looks.   The Angel and the Red Car   The Angel and the Red Car   Spirit Dreaming   Installation of Sculpture at the Neuberger MuseumSelf Portrait    Float, Float, Float On   TuskTypewriter  New York City, January, 2019    A Ride for the Massive  Float, Float, Float On   Burst Ego Sum, Portrait of Arthur Simms as a Junk Collector    Ego Sum, Portrait of Arthur Simms as a Junk Collector    Dreamcatcher IV    The Blue House   Stupa BoyJesse The Jamaicans, Black Fan   And He Passes  Hemp Or If I Were A Bird   Dreamcatcher INow Let's Listen To Another Piece Of Advice   Spinning Knife, Jack Mandora Me Na Choose Nun Dreamcatcher    BicycleCar Take I AfarCar Take I AfarJohn The Baptist, Prisoner of the Earth   Toy Horse   Sexual Tension   Real Estate For Birds?  (detail)    Real Estate For Birds?    To Explain, Expound And Exhort, To See, Foresee And Prophesy, To The Few Who Could Or Would Listen VictorianVictorian (back view)   Icema And Chester   Folklore For Contemporary Jamaicans   Ejaculation Chester, Alice, Marcia, Erica And Arthur Take A Ride Caged Bottle    Crossroads, St. Andrew, Kingston, Jamaica, 1961-69Head Buddha Ark Lucy Fradkin Meets John Delapa Or Gregor
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