Dreamcatcher VI   Arthur Simms, Fifteen Feathers   Jamaican Bamboo, One Bone   Boot, Left Foot, One Stone     Blanket   Henny Fradkin, Eighteen Feathers   Chariot I   King, in Praise of the Father   Trumpet and Rocking Chair  The Lamentation of Christ   Petrified Land   Nest Lucy’s Dress   Portrait of a Politician Vomiting   Icema’s Chair   Icema’s Chair   Stool ExcavationTable  Table II    Table III    Landscape Spirit Board     Egg Overhead    Jamaica Smile   Dodo In Rome, Two Halos    Big Chief    French Quarter    Northern Lights   Left Foot, One Halo  Little Man   Tree HouseJavier’s Order    Flash, Spirit Board    Roman ChairPortrait Of An Angry Man With A GunSenor NegroMellWheelNineteen Forty-oneAngle IronCarnival Blue Chair   TricycleBlack Penis   Looking Glass
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