First Landing Jump, Suicidal Thoughts   PoseidonHercules of the Sea    Tortoise   Nutmeg Arthur and Lucy    Arthur Simms Dead and Alive    Look   Ruler Indecision  Puzzle   The Yellow Line, One Feather   On the Water, One Halo   The Big Squeeze, Arthur Seated   Boom Boom   Boot  Buoy on Land   Green Light   Sailor at Night   Palms and Police   Contemplating the Land and the Sky, Portrait of Arthur and Volker   The Golly Stompers, Float, Float On   George in Garzon   Stand up Straight and Burn   Professor Simms   B Landscape Divide, Two Halos   Wall and Floor   Wall, Two Halos   I and Eye   The Big Picture, One Halo   Snow Storm in Spring   Arthur Simms LaGuardia, Fine Arts   Brown Skin   On the Lunar New Year   Mell and Sonia   Heidi, Garzon and the Lizard King at the Bodega   Big Foot, Portrait of Heidi and Lucy   Arthur Simms, LaGuardia, Tokyo and Garzon, Staten Island, February 2018   Little Dogs   Leaf  Garzon to San Antonio, One Halo   Flower Garden   Bird King   DuckTree out the Window   Parrot in the Yard   One Man   FieldStudio House Frog Bird on Fence   Water Fowl   Turkey Bug  Apple on the Ranch   Horse Head   Flower Blue Bird   On the Road in Uruguay    Night Crawler   In the Grass  Frog in the Wall   Butterfly Mill Across the Street   Campo Garzon   Garzon HummingbirdTeka Musica Bliss    Satallite  Saibeen Silks   Gaucho  Ganesh  Branca  Caterpillar Moon Over Field, Two Halos   Horse Fly   King FlattopCat in Grass   Postre Sculpture 2017 Drawing, One Feather, Two Halos    Drawing  Balm of Gilead    Ritablo 18, Life of the Buddha   Ritablo 20, Girl Playing With Balls   Ritablo 6, Seahawk   Staten Island, For Lucy   Castle Black     Port Antonio     Little Louis on The 4th     Staten Island 361     The American Life in Rome and Namibia    A Lesson Plan    Portrait of Arthur and Lucy, Two Cats, Two Halos,    Wonderful, Wonderful, Arthur Simms in Kingston    To Saki    I Mon Get a Call    Acorn  Jamaica Funk    Eagle Electric    Wide Eyed and Ready    Contemplating The Hair, Endangered Species    Endangered Species, Two Halos    Montana 16519    Kingston, Jamaica Night and Day    Door, 222 Grand    Arthur and Lucy in Tokyo    Annunciation, Arthur and Lucy in Tokyo     Glass, How a Maine Lobster is Caught     Lucy, The Shadows Were Not Right in The Dream    Self Portrait, Arthur in Japan    In The USA Today    Beware, The Earth is Shaking    November Walk, Arthur in Japan    La Repubblica Oggi   Etruscan Vase   Tebbi and Tudi   Pinky and Rocky    HakoneGinza Marion in the 80’s     1658 Carroll Street    Arthur as Japanese      Tokyo    Five Elements, Arthur and the Girls    Ezra on Tower One, Ten Elements    Arthur Simms, Ten Elements     One  Shibuya Nishi-Ku    Shoe Polisher    Twelve Elements     Jennifer Ross and Jack McPhee in 1989    Elena and Javier    Face Two, Eight Elements    LucyarthMarion in 1988    Todaiji-Temple, Arthur in Japan    Sunday Business, Lucy and Suzy, Nine Elements    Face, Arthur Simms in Japan, Eight Elements    Arthur in Osaka    Nara Buddha, Eight Elements    TransitionBuddha, Pleasure, Six Elements    Arthur Simms, Bread, Buddha, Ten Elements    Twins, Eleven Elements       On the Seine in 1989    KobayashiIcema and Mell, Twelve Elements    Table 36    Icema and Mell, One Halo    KanazawaJennifer Ross    Arthur and Lucy    Standing Still    Temple, Fourteen Elements    John, Chuck and Gloria, Fifteen Elements    Arthur Simms, Fourteen Elements    Good Fortune   Arthur, Esther and Icema, Living in Japan      Arthur Simms, Vagal Maneuvers, Fifteen Elements    AblationAnd She Said, October 10th 1924, Beware, The Earth is Shaking     Icema’s Chair   Icema’s Chair   Aldana’s Cart, Icema in the U.S.   Icema in Lakeland    Ten, ten, Icema as a Bird    Ten, ten, Icema as a Bird    Lesson Plan, Icema’s World    Icema, Mell and Lucy    A Portrait of Icema Simms    Icema, Make a Joyful Noise and be Just    Icema’s World     Fattie Fattie, I need a Fat Girl Tonight   WagonistTimeline, Black History #6   Chester and Jesse in 1936, Five Halos   A Day in Prague    Snoop In Praha, One Halo     Icema’s Wedding    TremeGarden Cat    2275 Bayou Road    GaneshSaturday Night In The Barn    In Proper Time   1985 to 2010   Maine List    Rare And Endangered At The Bates, Two Halos    Arthur Simms In Skowhegan, Four Halos   Skowhegan By The Water   The Italians, Black History #5     Black Caravaggio, The Veld on Cardboard     Frederick Douglas, Caravaggio, Black History #3   Black Caravaggio, The Veld Two Times   Black Caravaggio, 2 Halos    Black Gladiator, Nine circles   Twelve Triangles, Black Caravaggio     Black Caravaggio, The Veld, Anna 66, One Halo   The Veld and The Baroque   Black Caravaggio, Dublin 2008 #2   Black Caravaggio, Dublin 2008 #IIIBlack Caravaggio, Dublin 2008Book Of Kells, Saint MatthewTrinity College, Book Of Kells, Book Of DarrowBook Of Kells, Saint LukeBook of Kells, Saint Mark   Saint Michal, Three HalosBlack Pieta, Two HalosCostume Sardo e Michelangelo    Colored Henry   The Old Time People    Sammy Dead   Bank Of Jamaica, Ten Dollars    Stone Ridge
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